Welcome to "I Want A Baby!" I created this site back in 1999 because my then-husband and I were going through our own 14-month struggle to conceive. I was so desperate to have a child and so filled with negativity, having tried for so long to get pregnant that I decided to do something positive. So I searched the net for the best sites I could find to help inspire and inform not only myself, but others who were enduring the same fight.

My marriage didn't survive, but my desire for a child did. Just when I thought everything was hopeless, I met my soulmate, Rory, and fell deeply in love. Rory and I did not set out to conceive. But low and behold, I found myself pregnant in November 2001. It was the biggest, most wonderful shock of my life. My odds of conceiving had been reduced to just 50 percent a year earlier by a fertility specialist who discovered that a benign tumor had consumed my left ovary and it could no longer release an egg to be fertilized. That left all my odds of conceiving a child dependent on my one good ovary - which only functioned every once and awhile, itself.

So the baby you see to the right is my little miracle, Aurora Jade, born by c-section on June 27, 2002. No matter why you're here, whether you're trying to conceive, you're already expecting, or you're a new parent, I hope this site will help you and YOUR little miracle. Keep the faith!