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This site is dedicated to providing all hard-working couples, big, tall, short, or small, with the most helpful preconception and pregnancy resources available on the net.

*NOTE*: I'd like to thank all of you who have provided me with feedback regarding this site. You've done nothing but praise "I Want A Baby!", and you have no idea how rewarding that is. It feels so good to know that this site is making a difference to so many people. Thank you so very much!! And please keep the feedback coming!

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What's YOUR Story?
In order to promote sharing, support, and encouragement among my site viewers, I've created a page that focuses on the viewers' stories. Are you trying to conceive? Battling infertility? Already expecting? Or are you a new parent? What is YOUR story? Click here to say what's on your mind!

This is an absolute MUST HAVE for every woman who is trying to conceive. Ms. Weschler's book will teach you all about the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), which involves observing and charting 1) waking temperature, 2) cervical fluid, and 3) cervical position, so that you may become familiar with your vital fertility signals and thereby time intercourse appropriately. I've honestly never purchased a more educational fertility book. Click on the link above and get your copy today!

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